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The 8th International Conference on Mechanical Science and Engineering
December 07-09, 2018, Dubai

Call For Papers
The Scientific Committee of the 8th International Conference on Mechanical Science and Engineering (ICMSE2018) invites the submission of original research papers in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied mechanical science, manufacturing and materials engineering to be published in the international journals. This conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.
The objective of this invitation is to share contributions of world-wide researchers and scholars on future trends of the mechanical science and engineering, and to disseminate innovative ideas.
The research may address any significant breakthrough in Mechanical Science and Engineering Innovation, by focusing on areas as:

1. Mechanism theory & Application
1.1 Mechanism and Mechatronics
1.2 Transmission Mechanism
1.3 Mechanical Testing Theory and Technology
1.4 Mechanical Design and Theory

2. Mechanical Dynamics

2.1 Mechanical Dynamics Science
2.2 Mechanical Structure Strength
2.3 Mechanical Tribology and Surface Technology

3. Mechanical Design Science
3.1 Conceptual Design and Optimization 
3.2 Mechanical Bionics
3.3 Embedded System
3.4 Intelligent System Design

4. Mechanical Engineering
4.1 Industrial Machinery
4.2 Vehicle engineering
4.3 Mechanical Engineering Drawings
4.4 Technologies of Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering

5. Manufacturing system and Automation
5.1Part Forming Manufacture
5.2Parts Process and Manufacturing
5.3 Automation, Optimization, Algorithms in Manufacturing and Industry, Applications
5.4 Tribology in Manufacturing Processes
5.5 Integrated Manufacturing System
5.6 Automatization and Control Systems in Machinery Manufacturing

6. Manufacturing Technology and Processing
6.1 Modeling, analysis and simulation of manufacturing processes
6.2 High-speed/precision machining
6.3 Virtual manufacturing and concurrent engineering
6.4 Green design and manufacturing
6.5 Laser Processing Technology

7. Automation Control
7.1 Industrial Robotics and Automation
7.2 Intelligent control, neuron-control, fuzzy control
7.3 Industrial Automation and Process Control
7.4 Distributed Control System
7.5 Robotic Automation and Control
Submitted papers will be judged on originality, methodological soundness, significance of results, relevance to the conference theme and interest for the attendees. Selected excellent papers will be published on high-level international journals.
For more details, please visit the conference at

Paper Submission
a. The papers must be original and unpublished;
b. The papers must be in English and submitted in editable format (for publication purposes);
c. Please submit your paper via Paper Submission System;
d. More details on paper template will be shown in paper submission system.

• Paper Submission Deadline: Refer to website
• Acceptance/Reject Notification: 10-15 working days after peer-reviewed
• Paper Registration: 5-7 working days after receiving Notification
• Conference Date: December 07-09, 2018

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