Call for Papers

The 4 th International Conference on  Mechanical Science and Engineering (ICMSE2014) is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied mechanical science, manufacturing and materials engineering. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.


Topics (including but not limited to):
1. Mechanism theory & Application
1.1 Mechanism and Robot
- Mechanism and Machine Composition Principle
- Mechanism Kinematics and Dynamics
- Robot and Mechanics
1.2 Transmission Mechanism
- Mechanical Transmission
- Fluid Power Transmission
- Complex Transmission
1.3 Mechanical Testing Theory and Technology
- Mechanical Testing Theory and Technology
- Mechanical Testing Standard, Theory and Methods
- Mechanical Sensor Technology and Testing Instrument
- Mechanical ManufacturingProcess Monitoring and Control
2. Mechanical Dynamics
2.1 Mechanical Dynamics Science
- Vibration/ Noise Measurement, Analysis and Control
- Mechanical Systems Dynamic Monitoring, Diagnosis and Maintenance
- Mechanical Structure and Systems Dynamics
2.2 Mechanical Structure Strength
- Mechanical Structure Injury, Fatigue and Fracture
- Mechanical Structure Strength Theory and Reliability Design
- Mechanical Structure Safety Assessment
2.3 Mechanical Tribology and Surface Technology
- Mechanical Friction, Abrasion and Control
- Mechanical Lubrication, Seal and Control
- Mechanical Surface Effect and Surface Technology
- Engineering Tribology and Tribology Design
3. Manufacturing system and Automation
3.1 Part Forming Manufacture
- Casting Process and Equipment
- Plastic Deformation Technology, Mould and Equipment
- Welding Structure, Process and Equipment
- Near Net Forming and Rapid Manufacturing
3.2 Parts Process and Manufacturing
- Cutting, Grinding Process and Equipment
- Non-traditional Machining Process and Equipment
- Ultra-precision Machining Process and Equipment
- High Energy Density Beam Process and Equipment
3.3 Manufacturing System and Automation
- Numerical Control Technology and Equipment
- Digital Manufacturing and Intelligent Manufacturing
- Reconfigurable Manufacturing System
- Sustainable Design and Manufacturing
4. Micro and Nano Manufacturing
- Micro-nano Mechanical Driver and Executive Device
- Micro-nano Mechanical Sensor and Control
- Micro-nano Mechanical Monitoring and Control
- Micro-nano Mechanical System Composition Principle and Integration
5. Others
5.1 Mechanical Design Science
- Conceptual Design and Optimization
- Intelligent Design and Digital Design
- Mechanical Systems Integrated Design5.2 Mechanical Bionics
- Mechanical BionicPrinciple
- Bionic Machine Design and Manufacture
- Man-Machine-Environment Engineering
Others related topics are also welcome